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Infusion Therapies

Rejuvenation (Legacy Revive)

A formula designed to replenish and rejuvenate a tired body and mind, one that has been pushed to the limits time and time again. When your performance is suffering — be it on the field, in the ring, in the office, or at home — let us bring you back to your A game.

Ultrasound Guided

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Anti-Inflammatory (Legacy Extinguish)

Battle-worn will no longer be a part of your vocabulary. The general aches and pains that discourage you from rising to the next level can be extinguished at the source. You have taken the oral anti-inflammatories, now let us show you how augmenting your body’s own anti-inflammatory mechanisms with our IV anti-inflammatory cocktail can make the difference.

Weight Loss (Legacy Lean)

You are on a diet, but the effects aren’t quite as substantial as they once were. Your weight has hit a plateau no matter how much you decrease your calories and no matter how much extra effort you put in at the gym. You may be even reaching the point of “skinny fat.” You have tried diet supplements, one after another with only minimal improvement. Let our weight loss formula hit the problem from the right approach. We can help you rekindle the fire of fat loss and let you finish what you first started. Be Legacy Lean.

Detox (Legacy Clean)

Had a long night out with friends? Did you live life a little “too much”? Has your diet consisted mostly of food that is not found in the organic section? Can you pronounce and identify only three of the ingredients on your nutrition label (our biochemist friends aside)? We have an infusion that can help reduce the levels of unnatural chemicals in addition to restoring the appropriate levels of the natural elements. Live Legacy Clean.

Exosomes (Legacy X)

This is the alpha of our Legacy infusions. Exosomes are micro-vesicles that are excreted by stem cells. These micro-vesicles contain growth factors mRNA and micro RNA — the strong driving force for your endogenous stem cells to divide, migrate, and heal. They improve your overall well-being on a cellular level, precisely where they are needed based on your body’s own signals. They strengthen, heal, refresh, and have an overall “anti-aging” impact. We have options ranging from 50 billion exosomes to 1 trillion exosomes. Are you ready for Legacy X?

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