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What Is Wellness?


What is “wellness” exactly? It’s a word that is used quite a bit in the current era. It's actually quite difficult to define because it is such a complex concept and the recipe is different for each person.

Wellness is a blanket term. It is a sum total of all the things that we do in our life to stay healthy and balanced in all areas, and is the continued journey to a more successful and fulfilling life. It determines how we feel about ourselves, interact with others, and, ultimately, determines if we thrive.

Note the word stay. Wellness is something that we live in, and something we are always actively striving for — not something we achieve.

There are three basic requirements for living in wellness:

Human physiology is meant to be in homeostasis, meaning balance. When we are not in balance, our amazing and capable bodies will adapt to overcome the imbalance. This is a beautiful built-in ability that we all have, but physiology can only adapt so much. When it fails do so, we begin to experience negative effects.

Most of our bodily functions rely heavily on diet, sleep, and exercise. Wellness cannot be maintained without paying respect to all three of these habits.

There are so many different forms of wellness too. Financial wellness, mental wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, and many more. These all require the same foundation, but the rest of the holes are meant to be filled individually. What is meant by this is that no two people’s life struggles are the same, but if you have a solid foundation and are well, those problems become easier to tackle. When life gets tough, sometimes it pays to go back to the basics and work from there. 

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