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Time for a Physical Therapy Check-Up?

Devin Peck, D. P. T.

Physical therapy patients come to Legacy Medical Centers for many reasons.


Some have had an injury and need help regaining their strength and form.

Others have had surgery and PT is part of their recovery process.

For some, the problem is brand-new, and they need pain relief now.

And then there are those who have endured long term pain and are tired of living with it.


For whatever reason patients choose to come to Legacy Medical Centers, our doctors work tirelessly to ensure that their patients achieve pain relief and return to “normal”. They can identify weaknesses or imbalances that may have led to the original injury. Our PT team helps patients set personal health goals to maintain their renewed function and enjoy that feeling of wellness indefinitely.

With those results in mind, Legacy Medical Centers is pleased to offer an annual physical therapy ‘check-up’.

During this appointment, our physical therapists use a 30-minute functional movement screening to determine a patient’s current status. The physical therapist can note areas of concern and address potential biomechanical problems.

This Screening appointment is ideal for:

  • Athletes, at all levels, before or after a sport season(s)
  • Healthy adults who may have failed to address minor aches and pains which have developed into something more problematic
  • Healthy adults with no current issues, who want to establish a baseline for their physical state
  • Older adults, where tracking balance and movement is a necessity to help prevent falls
  • And of course, our current or previous Legacy Medical Centers Physical Therapy patients

The doctors will be able to address any functional imbalances detected and provide you with the necessary education so you will continue at your peak level of performance. They will demonstrate exercises and stretches which can be done at home. Plus, once a ‘benchmark’ assessment has been recorded, problems can be identified and assessed more quickly moving forward, if needed.

Make your 30-minute “Screening” appointment with Dr. Devin today  - contact either the McCandless office or the Irwin office