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Re-Opening the Doors at the Longevity Performance Center

Would you agree that one of the most challenging parts of sheltering in place was missing a good workout?

Wellness and Fitness Support - By Phone - with Legacy Medical

During these days of “shelter in place”, we can choose to slip into bad habits or we can choose to improve our wellness and fitness. Temptations are everywhere – and everyone’s feeling a little anxiety – but with the right approach, we can adopt best practices ...

We Are Open - Same Day Urgent Appointments

Legacy Medical Centers would like to remind our patients, friends and family that we are OPEN and READY to help anyone with acute musculoskeletal pain and/or injury.

Legacy Medical Centers: Health and Safety Info

High School Athletes: How Much is Too Much?

In the United States of America, about 30 million children age 6 to 18 years old participate in some type of organized sport. Recent analysis of date from Stanford Children’s Hospital reports about 3.5 million injuries per year which lead to some sort of loss of ...

Just For Our Legacy Family

We believe you need to experience the Longevity Performance Center to understand how truly revolutionary this training program is.

The Big Reveal

After months of planning, construction and custom installations, we are beyond thrilled to welcome you to the Longevity Performance Center at

Give the Gift of Wellness

You might not think of Legacy Medical Centers when making your list (and checking it twice), but we have gift options that will surprise and delight!

Time for a Physical Therapy Check-Up?

Physical therapy patients come to Legacy Medical Centers for many reasons.